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Transaction processing is our primary business. Acardpay is one of China’s growing private industry leader’s because we focus our energy on the needs of our Clients –streamlining costs, simplicity innovation and direct transparency in all communication. These core strengths differentiate us in the marketplace and allow us to help you the merchant credit card payment best reduce costs, furthermore we have developed our platform and have the flexibility to alter, improve adapt any part of our system to cater to international changes in policies, specific business models and all terms involved with on-line processing.


You will immediately notice the qualities which make us apart from other payment providers. Our mindset is all about close business relationship. We achieve this by dedicating our time to your specific case, supporting you from the very first contact, application filling, selecting a bank and obtaining full solution, through integration, MID setup and all the way throughout your entire lifespan of accepting card payments on the arranged solution – everything through our personal dedicated agent support. Your agent is available to you via e-mail and Skype practically 24/7, including weekends.Get in touch and get a free quote.